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30 – 45 minutes - Role play

Let's try acting out what we can do to make sure we stay safe when someone we don't know comes to our door.

Does anyone want to help out? Teacher chooses 3 volunteers and asks them to come to the front of the class:

1 – plays part of unknown caller
1 – plays part of child at home
1 – plays part of adult at home

Volunteer children are provided with prompt cards to assist the role play. (Prompt cards can be printed from Knock Knock Website)

"Ok – so we have a caller at the door – and a child and adult at home." (Make sure class knows who is who.)

"Can anyone tell me the first thing we should remember about keeping our homes safe from bogus callers?"

Prompt – the doors should be locked!

"Let's imagine that there is a door here, the child is going to hear the knock at the door first."

Start role play…

Caller - "Knock Knock"

Volunteer Child - Looks through window – gets the adult

Volunteer Child - asks volunteer adult "There's someone at the door and I don't recognise them. Please would you answer it?"

Volunteer Adult Opens door "Hello"

Caller "Hello. I'm just working down the road and wondered if I could come in to check that your water is coming through ok."

Volunteer Adult "Hmmmm. I'm not sure."

Caller "I really need to come in quickly and check that your water is safe to drink."

Volunteer adult "Have you got an identification card?"

Caller "It's in the van down the road"

Volunteer adult – "We don't let anyone in without proper ID or an appointment." – Close door.


Ask class "Do you think the caller was telling the truth and why?" "Should they have let the caller in?"

Prompt answers:

  • Genuine callers should carry ID cards with them which can be checked
  • The water company normally write to people if they are doing work in the area
  • You could check to see if the van is parked up down the road
  • Say "No" and close the door.

Ask class "Is there anything else that the adult should do?

Prompt answers:

  • Ring the police to say that it may be a bogus caller
  • Ring the water company to see if they know about the caller

Ask – "Is there anything else the adult could have done to answer the door safely?"

Prompt answer:

  • Use a door chain
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